Intelligent Hand Sanitization

An Innovative Approach to Reducing Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)
are common, complex and on the rise. They significantly delay recovery processes, increase cost due to longer hospital stays, and, most importantly, can even result in the loss of life.

Secret shoppers and manual processes take significant time, resources and, often, simply don't work.

Joint Commission offers incentives to increase safety protocols. They also label automated hand hygiene systems as the "Gold Standard" for monitoring hand hygiene events.

Mirador Health offers a comprehensive tech-enabled solution addressing the complexity of HAIs. Through smart products with bi-directional capabilities, Mirador GuardianTM dispensers record all hand hygiene events by location, date, time, and person. HAIs require ongoing diligence, education, and accurate actionable data to drive positive change.

Mirador can help raise the bar for hand hygiene standards.

Mirador Health can help drive corrective action via accurate data, reducing HAIs through continuing education and proper patient safety interventions

Mirador Health solves the source of the problem through smart, actionable technology

Align compliance goals and policies with actionable data to drive results. 
Bridge the gap between visual confirmation and verified hand hygiene events. 
Provide insights with information to show safety and compliance. 

With the Mirador Health Hand Hygiene System, providers could experience:

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