SolutionsIntelligent Compliance

An Innovative Approach to Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) and Increase Patient Safety by Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance

Mirador dispenser - functional illustration
Mirador dispenser - functional illustration

Mirador Technology Platform

  • Understand the who, what, where, and when to take proper corrective action when needed
  • Real time bi-directional data is collected, encrypted, and forwarded to a cloud for collection and reporting.
Nurse washing hands at displenser


The Mirador GuardianTM smart hand hygiene dispenser is the automated nerve center for the Mirador platform.

  • Simple onboarding technology connects with other Mirador devices
  • Tracks a dispensing event by person, place, time, and department, increasing safety protocols
  • Monitors battery and liquid levels, providing a sense of security that devices are fully operational
nurse name tag

Bluetooth-based Tags

  • Easily-associated BLE badges that can be added to any existing healthcare ID
  • Recognizes a person's proximity in patient room or other common areas


Mirador reporting on a laptop


Fully customizable reports with the ability to track performance by individual, department, hospital, or healthcare system. Drive meaningful intervention conversations that can reduce HAIs and increase patient safety. 

  • Administrative Reports
  • Event Reports
  • Missed Opportunities
  • Equipment Reports
  • Liquid Levels
  • Battery Levels
  • Inventory Management
Mirador dashboard on ipad


Customizable, user-friendly dashboards gather actionable data on: 

  • Device management
  • Hand hygiene workflow behaviors
  • Where improvements are needed at each level
    • Individual (or Anonymous)
    • Team
    • Department
    • Healthcare System 

Accurate data helps improve polices that can reduce the financial burdens associated with HAIs.