How to Shop for a Hand Sanitization System

NOVEMBER 15, 2022 

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) are as big a problem today as they have been in past, claiming some 100,000 deaths annually. Infectious Disease Professionals continue to make the case that medical facilities must continue to strive to do better in reducing HAIs – the current status quo is not acceptable.

Companies in the infectious disease space, from large to small, attempt to offer solutions that are cost effective, measurable, and scalable. Mirador Health has worked hard to meet these goals and recommends with great confidence that a comprehensive sanitizing tracking system should:

  • Focus on data collection at the individual level, enabling IP staff to spearhead behavior change and eliminate the need for surveys, secret shoppers, or audits
  • Be robust and uncomplicated for IT staff, with no added electrical, loc node or ethernet cable needs that could conflict with existing physical or network architecture
  • Be easy to install and maintain and, with low impact on maintenance staff workloads
  • Require no impact to medical staff protocols and usual daily routines, with no tapping or scanning. The monitoring process should operate seamlessly in the background with no disruption to clinical workflow
  • Allow specificity as well as anonymity at multiple levels throughout the organization (individual, dispenser, department, floor, etc.) for a customizable experience that adapts when needed
  • Leverage simple, customer-first dashboards and reporting so that users can access their data in real-time, at any time, 24/7

Mirador’s technology and data collection are best in class and our priority is customer focused for maximum benefit. We can help save lives.